Pray for the Nations and People

Isaiah 65:1-2

The Lord said, “I was ready to answer my people’s prayers, but they did not pray. I was ready for them to find me, but they did not even try. The nation did not pray to me, even though I was always ready to answer, “Here I am; I will help you.” I have always been ready to welcome my people, who stubbornly do what is wrong and go their own way.”


Tonight, let’s pray for people and nations, that more and more souls will accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Tonight, let’s bang the doors of heaven with our prayers for our nations. God is ready to hear us, we just have to pray. Whatever concerns your nation have, send a prayer to God today.


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Nothing can separate us from the love of God

There is something about love and getting loved that we are so hooked about. Sometimes, even though we know that we’ll get hurt eventually, we still do everything for that one person. It breaks our hearts sometimes, yet we don’t care. We have sleepless nights thinking about that one person or someone we don’t know yet, dreaming about who’ll he/she be. We want love. We need love.

The first time that we felt love towards one person, we feel that he/she is the perfect human being that can complete the world. But then, something goes wrong along the way. There will be shortcomings, somehow, we will be able to forgive and continue loving. But somehow, we might give up and move on. It’s a cycle. In every ending of our love story with a certain person, we end a relationship. It is not very often that lovers will be become friends after breaking up, admit it or not.

But the one person that never gives up on us, the one person that loves us so much that even though we have a lot of shortcomings and crazy attitudes, that person still loves us. And that love grows stronger and more patient everyday. His love is so overflowing that even though we are not worthy of that love, still we experience being loved. He is our Lord. His outpour of grace and mercy each day shows how much He loves us and His wanting for us to put our trust in Him.

For I am convince that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. – Romans 8: 38-39

Spring Season

Cherry Blossom

My word is like the snow and the rain that come down from the sky to water the earth.

They make the crops grow and provide seed for planting and food to eat.

So also will be the word that I speak –

it will not fail to do what I plan for it;

it will do everything I send it to do.

~Isaiah 55:10-11


Spring comes so fast now. As the winter’s snow and rain bids goodbye, I was reminded of this verse. Certainly, everything has a purpose. I am always amused on how the Bible always uses plants and trees as comparison to our relationship with our God. Remember the parable of the sower, the Garden of Eden, and other more events in the Bible talking about plants, vines and trees.


Standing firm in God’s words is based on how deeply rooted you are in your relationship with Him. Just like these living things, we find nourishment in the word of God. If not so, we will wither and eventually die. What we intake can either harm us or benefit us.


There are times, just like the trees during winter, we feel dead, we just want to do nothing. Problems come our way and we just feel like running away from it or ignore it. At times, we just feel so cold that we think, “Where is God?”


But just like the trees during the winter, God still brings nourishment to us. We may not feel it, but during those times God did not forget, and He is still at work. We may not see our blossoms on winter, but spring will come and all that what God has been doing and providing to us unconsciously will bring good fruits.

Your story, His glory.

Your story, His glory.


I am truly amazed on how God blesses people to bless His people. When I think about it, every blessing that we receive is connected to another peoples’. Whether you know God or not, the truth is we are all connected to one another. Even the smallest details of our lives, God can actually use it for other people.


True enough, your breakthrough can be connected to some peoples’ breakthroughs. It is uplifting and inspiring when people tell about their achievements and how God worked in their lives. Through these stories, we are blessed. But how about those times when we are down and weary?


For the past few weeks, God has dealt comfort with me. Starting the year on fire with God’s revelations and promises, I was so inspired to give the best I can give with everything I do. I said to myself that everything I do this year will be for the glory of God, even at work or on casual occasions. But somehow, I fail. Somehow, I was not able to give my best because I get tired, fed up, emotional, inactive, (insert more adjectives of the like here). Simply, I’m human. And people are watching. If you are unlucky, you’ll get negative words which can bring you down more. But, we have a God — and He loves to comfort His people.

Isaiah 40:1

“Comfort my people,” says our God. “Comfort them!”

Amazingly, God dealt this with me: “Even at your lowest low, I can use your situation to bring glory to my name. Don’t worry, I am sure to give the comfort that you need for you are my daughter.” God can use people, even those who does not know Him, to comfort us. When I think about those times and those people used by God, with His right timing and words, all I can think of was how thoughtful and loving is this God. And when He gave me a breakthrough on this distress, He bless people with my story. These people, who does and does not know God, come to know Him more and get blessed through my story.


Our testimonies are very powerful, really. When we see how God works in our lives and how mindful He is of every detail in our lives, I’m sure we will be in awe every single moment. We can be on overflow of blessings or sinking deep in problems, but when we know that God is with us in every situation, all things are OK. So, relay your stories and bless people. Your story, His glory.


This is a good read:


I had a checklist of to-do’s for this day when I woke up. I needed to review reports and study materials for work — for which I have a 2014 resolve of being excellent. But I needed to buy some groceries, so I went out and found myself loitering outside for almost 3 hrs. What a waste of time. Though I knew that I have something more important to do. I reminded myself of those things for the past 2 hrs now, but somehow distractions are throwing themselves right at my face. Pretty stupid of me huh?! :) Then I saw this article, it hit me right at my head! I was back on my drive to excel. And right there and then, verses and promises are coming back, flashing through my mind that I needed to be excellent and use the energy God has been giving me to do productive and fruitful works.



And I just wanted to share this to everyone, in case we are in the same situation right now. :) Everyone needs to be reminded anyway.